Ful name: Roderick Duhign
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (Margay - Tree ocelot)
Creator: Christian O'Kane
Date of birth: 7/21/669
Religion: Follower but with strong Animist tendencies.

Roderick is a soldier in the Service of Edmund Delacot. He is an archer but his main job is woodworking. Calling him a carpenter is like calling Michelangeo a guy who painted ceilings. He is a true artist in wood and anything he makes is of the highest quality. His entire family although Followers are strong beleivers in the spirit world. Roderick will NEVER touch a tree without first performing an elaborate ceremony to apease the spirit of the tree. Legend tells of an ancestor whose life was saved by a tree spirit. In gratitude the ancestor pledged to defend the forest. Since then the family has always had strong ties to trees and wood working.

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