Full Name: Rickkter
Race: Cursed Human (Raccoon)
Creator: Chris Hoekstra

Jokingly calls himself the Keep's resident homicidal genius. Rickkter is skilled as a Warrior/mage with some knowledge in alchemy and the scholarly study of ancient magic. Both his knowledge and current attitude have made many of the Keepers wary of him, though a few have chosen to call him friend. His origin is south-eastern, and he is a self professed ex-mercenary & bounty hunter. His attitude is often one of mild arrogance, except when he is in good company or casual surroundings. He loves a good match, and will never backdown from a fight unless he know there is no way to win. Rickkter is currently trying to decide what to do with the rest of his life, now that his days of adventure and travel are behind him.

In his youth, Rickkter was a member of the Necromancer clan known as the Seekers of Zohar. He served as a support mage and healer's assistant as the Seekers sought out long-lost knowledge and tried to protect the world from monstrous threats that invaded the world from the outer planes (and beyond). During this time he fell in love with the group's primary healer, a woman named Deanna, and they were together for several years.

The Seekers of Zohar were annihilated in a botched mission to the Wastelands of Kilyarnie on the Fifth Hell. What they had believed would be an ancient vault full of long-lost magical knowledge turned out to be a prison for one of the Titans. Before the Pantheon and three of the Elders arrived to contain the creature, Deanna's soul had been sent to Oblivion and the rest of the Seekers had been pulled screaming into the Ninth Hell. Rickkter alone was spared, and was fitted with a Keeper so that his behavior could be monitored by the Pantheon. Rickkter was not told what purpose led the gods to spare his life and his soul, but the Keeper made it clear that they had plans for him that they would call into motion years later.1

While living in Sonngefilde, Rickkter was both a Kankoran and a member of the secretive Order of the Ebon Dragon. He has a rivalry with Charles Matthias, though as of 707 CR that has begun to mellow. They no longer even quietly seek to undermine each other.

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