The Daedra Lords
Ba'al (Prince of Daedra)
Suspira (Lust, Desire, Hedonism)
Revonos (Rage, Murder, Treachery)
Agemnos (Avarice, Ambition, Wealth)
Lilith (Nature, Lycanthropy, Undeath)
Klepnos (Madness, Trickery, Knowledge)
Tallakath (Sickness, Pestilence, Death & Dying)
Oblineth (Ice, Winter, The Void)
Nocturna (Dreams, Omens, Crossing Over)

The twin brother of Dokorath, Revonos (RÉV-ō-nōs) shares his brother's lust for combat. Both are warriors of the finest caliber, with no equal save each other; both are fearless in battle; both hate backing down from a fight. There, however, the similarities between them end: while Dokorath is disciplined and honorable, as just as he is harsh, Revonos is the brutal master of rage and treachery, and for him no price for victory is too great.

Appearance & Personality

Revonos appears as a tall, strong, muscular man with swarthy skin, dark hair and eyes, and black clothing. He carries a black adamantium sword with a golden skull on the pommel, and often wears a necklace of animal bones. On the battlefield he will also appear frequently as a Black Rider: clad in black armor adorned with skulls, wielding a sickle, and riding a huge black war-horse with glowing red eyes.

More than any other member of the Pantheon, Revonos wears his emotions on his sleeve. Even when he is not lashing out at those around him, he presents the image of a man barely in control of his passions. He sates his appetites casually and callously, without regard for anyone around him; only fear will compel him to control himself, and the only beings he fears are Kammoloth and Prince Ba'al. The sight of his brother almost invariably drives him into a frothing rage — he believes that the portfolio of War rightfully should have been his, and he dreams endlessly of defeating Dokorath on the field of battle. Thus far, though, every direct confrontation between them has resulted either in stalemate or in victory for Dokorath, whose greater discipline enables him to control their duels in spite of the fact that Revonos has more raw power at his disposal.

Divine Intervention

Revonos stirs up treachery and mindless violence — his mere presence in a room, however inconspicuous he has made himself, causes tempers to flare hotter than usual. His power comes from murder, bloodlust, treachery, dishonorable conduct in battle, atrocities against civilians and prisoners, and the shedding of innocent blood. He teaches his followers to focus on their anger and hatred toward their enemies; the more they do this, the more of his power flows into them.

Boons: Inhuman strength for a limited period of time; success in some treacherous act.

Cost: Revonos invariably demands a price in blood for any gift he offers; the magnitude of the bloodshed depends on the nature of the request. In most cases, the torture and/or murder of at least one sentient being is required. If the favor Revonos is assisting with already involves killing an enemy, he will usually require the supplicant to kill the enemy's family, or his servants, or even an innocent bystander.


Before the Lothanasi won their position of dominance over religion in Galendor, Revonos was worshiped as a god of strength and retribution. His most common servants were warriors who thought that Dokorath's teachings about honor and discipline were too soft-hearted or too restrictive. Now that worship of Revonos is outlawed, only madmen and cultists serve him openly. Still, many a desperate warrior has called out to the Lord of Rage for assistance in taking vengeance on a hated enemy.

Disciples of Revonos show their devotion to him through acts of slaughter and betrayal. One cultist might spend years infiltrating a group of warriors loyal to Dokorath, then lead them into a trap where they can be destroyed by their foes. Another might engage in serial killings in a large city, preying on the poor and neglected. Whatever their mission, it always involves bloodshed; there is no such thing as a disciple of Revonos who is not a murderer.

Known Disciples: N/A

Offspring & Servants

Revonos raped Lilith in order to produce the first balrogs, and these creatures are still his favored servants. He has also had sex (rough but consensual) with Suspira and sired a number of powerful incubi and succubae, all of whom are now daedra nobles.

Revonos uses enchanted black eagles as his spies and messengers, which has led to a saying among the Lightbringers: "Where the black eagle circles, the eyes of Death watch." He also makes occasional use of hell hounds, wraiths, and other lesser daedra, though he has no affection for them and compels them to do his bidding solely through the threat of force.


Aura: Black smoke.

Holy Symbol: The Sundered Shield — a five-sided shield, point downward, with a line running vertically through its center.

Symbolic Creature: Black eagle.

d20 Notes

Greater Deity
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Destruction, Hatred, Spite,1 Strength
Weapon of the Deity: Bloodfeeding2 Spiked Chain

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