Remmie Lebeau

Full Name: Remmie Elisanna Lebeau
Race: Cursed Human (Tokay Gecko)
Gender: Female
Born: August, 683 CE
Coloration: Blue scales with orange spots
Eyes: Pea green
Height: 5'2"
Creator: Jack the Lizard

Position within the Keep: Warden, The Watch


Remmie was born eleventh of fourteen children, youngest girl on a devout Follower farming family. The family was poor, the work backbreaking and the land on which they lived constantly changed hands. In 705 CE Remmie left her family in search of a better life for herself. This search brought her to Metamor Keep.

While most people would have been scared by the curse, Remmie was excited. She deliberately stayed in Metamor until the curse took her. Rather than being upset Remmie treated her new scales and tail like a blessing from God. In early 706 CE Remmie was recruited to join the Watch, promised honest work and steady money.

In spite of the money being less than steady Remmie has stayed with the Watch, befriending her superior officer Janelle. At nights she goes to the Deaf Mule (dubbing it the Deaf Tent after the Winter Assault) and meets new people. No matter how bad things get Remmie maintains a smile and an excited attitude. Every day is a new adventure.

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