Reina DeLaroque

Full Name: Dame Reina Martine DeLaroque
Race: Cursed Human (Androgyne)
Gender: Female (formerly male)
Born: February 14th, 609 CR (apparent age: early 30s as of 707 CR)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'11"
Creator: Raven Blackmane

Position within Keep: Knight, Knights of the Red Stallion


Reina was born Renard Martin DeLaroque, third son of a minor noble house in the Barony of Lanton. Renard was taught to ride almost as soon as he could walk, and was assigned as a page in the service of a young knight named Gallad hin'Astor. Gallad liked the boy, and when Renard was granted his spurs in 626 CR the older knight specifically requested for him to be assigned to his company.

Renard served with distinction as a member of Gallad's light cavalry unit, but both he and Gallad fell out of favor when the baron of Lanton fell under the sway of a particularly intolerant branch of the Ecclesia. The baron began ordering the persecution and expulsion of prominent citizens who practiced the traditional polytheistic religion of the Lothanasi. At first only those found guilty of actual wrongdoing, such as adultery or cowardice in battle, were imprisoned or exiled; as time went on, however, the baron began ordering his men to plant evidence or otherwise work to engineer the downfall of polytheists whom he considered a threat to the dominance of the Ecclesia in Lanton. Gallad and Renard, both traditionalists themselves, saw the writing on the wall, and in 650 CR they took their men and their families and defected to Metamor. The duke of Metamor granted them religious asylum, and the knights found their place as members of the Knights of the Red Stallion.

Though no longer on active duty, Renard was present at Metamor during the Battle of Three Gates, where he was struck by the first of Nasoj's three transformation spells and changed into a beautiful young woman. Renard's wife had died of consumption a few years before, and Renard took this opportunity to make a fresh start on life. Renaming herself Reina Martine, she reentered active service with the Red Stallions and accepted a commission as a field officer in the Metamor military.

Today Reina is the mentor and mistress for Squire Daria hin'Leon, Gallad's grandson who, like Reina, has been changed into a woman by the Curse of Metamor. She intends to groom Daria into a field officer, and has plans to take Daria's otrinca squad (formed during the Winter Assault) and turn them into a mounted infantry unit for scouting and skirmishing, similar to the light dragoons of the High Middle Ages and Renaissance era on our world.

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