Full Name: Quickpaw
Race: Gryfin
Creator: Coal Train (IRL Michael Robert)

Quickpaw was first discovered at the age of two summers in the lower hook of the great barrier range, by Kiska who became her Bond-mate in order to save her life when her mother died, as a bond is an absolute requirement for a Gryfin to survive.

this bond resulted in Kiska living much longer than most humans before they came to Metamor in the spring of 706 (Mystic Journeys; a Memoir of Kiska Gryfin). through the course of fate and with the help of the Ethereal, through her bond of love with him. the extinction of her family line and species was avoided when the curse was cajoled into making him into a Gryfin. they have lived happily together since, while traveling the known world, and some parts unknown.

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