Full Name: Qan-af-årael
Race: Åelf
Born: ~2500 BCR
Creator: Charles Matthias

Qan-af-årael is certainly the oldest living Åelf, having been born on the same day as Felix of Lee over three thousand years ago. Whether he is the oldest living sentient being in the world is another matter. But it is certainly true that he rivals even elder dragons for the claim. His most common title amongst the Åelf and the Elves of Taralas is 'Lord of Colours'. The meaning of this title has never been made clear. He lives in a tower that blends with the woods so as to be nearly invisible. It is intricately carved and designed, and every inch of his walls depict something important. He reads events in the stars, and can be found most nights staring into the sky for that one moment when all is plain, the moment, as he ould put it, when the story of the stars is spoken. He has not left his tower for a thousand years. When he needs to deliver a message personally, he has his student Andares attend to it. Nobody alive knows more of Yajakali than him.

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