Full Name: Phillip Tenomides
Race: Cursed Human (Rabbit)
Creator: Phil Geusz
Country: Whales

Prince Phillip was born a commoner, but distinguished himself in the Whalish Navy. After King Tenomides became a widower, he was adopted as the Crown Prince of Whales. While assisting in the defense of Metamor during the Battle of Three Gates, his Cannon backfired and he was covered in Whalish Fire. He would have died a grisly death if the curses had not been cast at just that moment. He was healed and became a white rabbit. He has to sleep in a cage though, because he has a greater tendency towards going feral than do most Keepers. Phil stayed at Metamor Keep and served as Duke Thomas's Chief of Intelligence. After news of Tenomides's failing health in January of 707 CR, Phil left Metamor to return to his homeland to assist his father in managing the kingdom.

Phil is an NPC at the moment and not under the control of any one person. All requests to use him should be directed to the universe control or the forum. He CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum or Universe Controller first instead of his creator.

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