Full Name: Pelurji
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias
Affiliation: Magyars

Named for the great hero of Cheskych, Pelain, and the hero of the Magyars, Shapurji, Pelurji seems to be a boy of destiny. He joined the Magyars after meeting Nemgas and being shown how to juggle. His older brother stayed behind after helping Pelurji run off to join them. Pelurji and Nemgas explored the ancient city of Carethedor together, though only Pelurji was able to lead them to the centre where the remains of the dead dragon and the grave of Pelain lay. When the dragon came back to life, it was Pelurji who took up Pelain's sword Caur-Merripen and slayed both the dragon but also the Knight Commander Sir Lech Poznan. However, in slaying the dragon, Pelurji was struck by a rock and wounded in a way that could not be healed while the evil that caused it still filled the world. He now lays quietly in one of the wagons, unable even to wake.

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