Full Name: Pascal Q. Porcupine
Gender: Female (Born Male)
Race: Thrice Cursed Human (porcupine)
Creator: Pascal

The court alchemist and a zebra-striped porcupine. Common folks, who doesn't need something that goes boom and turns people weird colours from time to time?

Pascal is quite the hedonist and does whatever she feels like doing at any given time. Regardless of the amount of sense it makes or how illogical it seems. She loves to play around with fur dyes and was responsible for Micheal's plaid colored fur. She can make just about any color happen, but alas cannot work within the realm of the mundane in any of her works.

Her real name is unknown, back before the curses, his (at the time) mentor had her use a psuedonym, this was Pascal which she has been reffered there after.

Pascal is made of rubber due to her experiments and an invention known as the Morph Ring which allows one to alter their shape provided it do es not contradict the curse, meaning Pascal cannot use it to become a man or a human, though she has other Morph Rings, she keeps one on her person for work and as she puts it "other things" this same ring was pawed to Micheal temporarily turning him into yet another Pascal, but in body only. This incident temporarily lead to the two dating.

Later in Keeping The Lamp Lit, Pascal studied fecal samples to help determine that Phil Tenomides' curse was worsening due to something he was eating. Which later turned out to be carrots given to him as a present by acting Lord of Loriodina, which later became known as Lorland, Altera Loriod. During his schemes to take over the Keep.

Pascal is an NPC at the moment and not under the control of any one person. All requests to use her should be directed to the universe control or the forum. She CAN be used. You just need to ask permission of the forum or Universe Controller first instead of her creator.

-Pascal's Future, contains major spoilers for future storylines-

Pascal had a run in with the Flesnoiran freshly turned Scorpion, Zyhx which proved seemingly fatal for her. Zhyx had been ordered to retrieve chemicals from Pascal's Lab to study them. Zyhx ignored Pascal at first, but threw some of the chemicals at her after she panicked and threw some at him.

Zyhx was left colored green and with magenta polka dots all over him. The two personal colors of the cult, as such he found this to his liking. Pascal however melted and a passerby had found her saying "Scorpion" as she melted and oozed off. She was assumed dead and funeral services were held.

Pascal attended the funeral with a sleek shine to her. Explaining that she had been granted a new semi-solid body that was malleable and enabled her to take various forms without the Morph Ring. Though she did warn that her attack scooped of a sample of her Pascal Goo, which became a powerful reagent to her work from that point on. "Heehee, a little of myself in every concoction"

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