Parnsus Scolastin

Name: Parnsus Scolastin
Race: Human (Uncursed… as of yet)
Born: 680 CR
Created by: Radioactive Toast
First Appearance: Prepared for Sacrifice


Parnsus Scolastin is the firstborn child, and thus technical heir, of the Scolastin family, one of the most notable and powerful families in Yesulam, as well as being one of the most hated. Quiet and reclusive, he is generally ill fit to the task of managing his family's future as heir, a fact he is more than willing to recognize. This combined with his open propensity and affinity for magic has made him something of a problem that's best kept far away from Yesulam. After spending several years wandering by himself, he fell in with the information broker/private detective Zynaid Amadias, and he has followed by his side ever since. It is a state of affairs that his family reluctantly consents to, as it keeps him far away from Yesulam and also keeps him (relatively) safe.


The current Scolastin family is one that occupies a unique place in Yesulam's politics, as the fusion of two families that otherwise, through whittling down of male line descendents through warfare, disease, intrigue and simple bad luck, has been reduced to only two direct living claimants. The wedding of Corsa Scolastin and Murxine Motesta led to the creation of a combined House that controlled vast swathes of wealth, contracts and holdings both in the Holy Land and in Pyralis.

Family members include:
Corsa Scolastin - Father, family patriarch
Murxine Scolastin (maiden family Motesta) - Mother, family matriarch and the de facto head of the House

Children include:

1.Parnsus Scolastin - Eldest son and mage, in mutually agreed exile
2.Tratus Scolastin - 2nd eldest, first of male triplets, womanizer and hedonist
3.Tarsus Scolastin - Second of male triplets, argumentative and aggressive
4.Karonsus Scolastin - Third of male triplets, cagey and manipulative
5.Wensus Scolastin - 5th eldest son, out of a family many consider to be insane he is outright mad
6.Fensus Scolastin - 6th eldest son, the quiet one who feels overwhelmed by his family and for this reason never stands out
7.Elender Scolastin - Only surviving daughter, as vain, overbearing and self entitled as her mother
8.Zorclar Scolastin - Twin of Azurm, sadistic and unemphatic to an extreme
9.Azurm Scolastin - Twin of Zorclar, born deaf but is probably the only altruistic one in the family

Originally the relatively notable Scolastin family and the very powerful Motesta family both seemed in danger of dying out, with direct male line descendents slowly dropping off of the family tree. Both Corsa and Murxine were only (surviving) children, and both pairs of parents had no surviving siblings. It seemed natural to arrange marriage between them, as the resulting family would command immense wealth and holdings throughout the land of the Ecclesia. This prospect alarmed, frightened and angered many rivals, many of whom were distant relations who hoped to carve up the Scolastin and Motesta Houses amongst each other.

Still, there was much hope among the family and political rivals of the new House of Scolastin, as rumors spread early on that Murxine was infertile. This proved to be resoundingly not the case, as she went on in her life to give birth to no less than 15 children, 9 who have survived into adulthood (or nearly so). A whopping eight of these nine children are male, crushing any hopes that the family would fall apart any time soon.

However, what has truly poisoned the political outlook of the Scolastin family has been Murxine, who always managed to outshout and outspeak her timid, henpecked husband Corsa into being the de facto head of the House. Many regard her as the most hated woman in Yesulam, with her overbearing attitude, her tremendous arrogance, her incredible sense of self entitlement, and her constant need to lecture any and everyone she speaks with.

Matters are not helped by her children, with Parnsus, the eldest, being known as a mage in the one city that disapproves of it more than perhaps any other in the world. It is the worst kept secret of the family. Tratus, the next in line, is regarded by many as worse as he is a hedonistic playboy whose escapades of revelry are frequently the gossip of not just Yesulam but the whole Holy Land. Tarsus picks fights and argues with anyone, knowing little shame, while the only daughter Elender frequently offends party guests with an arrogant nature that many remark is worse than her mother's. To top it off, the madness of Wensus and the deafness of Azurm are seen as evidence of Eli's disfavor of the family.

All these factors combined make the Scolastin family the largest target in all of Yesulam, with nearly every actor of importance doing whatever they can to contribute to their downfall, or at least position themselves to take advantage of it when it comes. With rumors that the current Patriarch Geshter is personally looking into the affairs of the family, many feel it's only a matter of time before the House of Scolastin is brought low.

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