Full name Panno
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (Amphicyon)
Height: 7' 2
Weight: 525 lbs
Creator: Christian O'Kane
First appearance: Plain and Simple
Rank and position: Blacksmith in Hareford.
Appearance: A mix of bear and dog. He has the massive and heavily muscled body that looks like a bear’s but with the the head, tail and paws of a wolf all covered with a dark brown, striped fur.

Panno was altered by the curse into a species that no one recognized. It was months before a visiting scholar had produced a box full of old, brown bones with a skull like his. “An amphicyon,” the scholar had explained. “The common name is Beardog.” He lives in Hareford and has a successful business there as a blacksmith. He is friends with Nestorius

Amanda - Wife - blonde haired
Matthhew - Bother in law - Male bull morph

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