Name: Padraic Cul Dethain
Race: Lop eared rabbit.
Creator: Christian Okane
Appearance - brown fur. Always well groomed. Usually wearing several gold rings in each ear and one on each finger.
Place of Birth: ellingham
Religion: Lightbringer

Padraic was born and raised in the valley. His brother is a Lightbringer acolyte. An expert with the longbow and a very good scout. He was recently brought into the Long Scouts during Winter Assault. Very much the macho warrior type and a ladies man. He is very proud of his Cenetl heritage which very strongly resembles the celts of the real world.

His family has lived in the valley for an extremely long time. Research into his family past will confirm that they were ALREADY in Metamor Valley when the Suielman invaded in -567CR. Archaeology evidence hints at their being in the valley for AT LEAST 2500 years. One of his ancestor's Cuthein the Rash who was the third fastest person in Alamar defeated an Avatar of Klepnos in single combat. A very impressive feat which has left the Lightbringers in debt to the family. During WA Padraic was badly burned in the leg and the Lightbringers healed him at not cost or penalty.

Shirragh ny sperriu (Which means Sparrow Hawk). A Long bow that has been in his family for over three hundred years. The weapon is made of light and dark colored wood layered horizontally giving the bow strips like a zebra. Inlaid into the wood in gold was a fantastic array of free flowing patterns - a typical Cenetl decoration. The tips were of ivory inlaid with gold and silver and were as highly decorated as the rest of the bow.

More information to come!

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