Full name: Omega (Full name unknown)
Gender: Male (?)
Race: Automaton See Automata
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 300 pounds (?)
Creator: W.O.L.F 0013 & Christian Okane
Date of birth: ?
First appearance: First and Last
Physical Appearance: Almost six feet tall and covered in a black metal, Misha assumed to be steel or maybe some sort of alloy. Two bright pinpoints of light in the face mask marked his eyes.

Omega is an Automaton and a creation of the Amber Order. Extremely powerful and believed to be the most powerful automaton created by the order. The soul inside seems to be that of a human but most likely not an Automacant. It is believed to be of one of the orders many servants or guardians. Unfortunately Omega himself is suffering from amnesia and remembers little of his life before becoming an automaton.

Since being woken up by Madog he has settled in to living at the Keep but has not really ventured forth much. One reason being the 1000 year social gap between himself and the other people. During Winter Assault he did play a key role in defeating the attack on Long Hall.

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