The Daedra Lords
Ba'al (Prince of Daedra)
Suspira (Lust, Desire, Hedonism)
Revonos (Rage, Murder, Treachery)
Agemnos (Avarice, Ambition, Wealth)
Lilith (Nature, Lycanthropy, Undeath)
Klepnos (Madness, Trickery, Knowledge)
Tallakath (Sickness, Pestilence, Death & Dying)
Oblineth (Ice, Winter, The Void)
Nocturna (Dreams, Omens, Crossing Over)

Mistress of Ice and the Void, Oblineth (ÓB-lə-néþ) is the younger sister of Yajiit. Said to rule the vacuum of space itself, she is generally surrounded by a field of frost — water vapor in the atmosphere, frozen instantly by contact with her aura.

Appearance & Personality

Oblineth appears as a young woman with pale blue-white skin and long, light blue hair. Like Yajiit, she is forced to solitude because her touch can harm even her fellow deities; in her case, though, she actually doesn't mind her solitary life. Oblineth likes everything in her world to be quiet, peaceful, and orderly, and this is why she loves the cold. When things get cold, they stop moving around so much, and they often take on crystalline patterns that are quite beautiful in their symmetry. It is likely that Oblineth is somehow sensitive to the vibrational energy of matter; she doesn't hate living things, they just give her a headache.

Divine Intervention




Oblineth's disciples believe in the value of stillness, of silence, and of contemplation; their prayers are silent meditations, and they present their offerings by bringing order and silence where there was once tumult and chaos. They believe that mortals are a disorganized and reckless breed that need to cultivate self-discipline and keep their passions in check. Some of the darker cults, influenced by Ba'al, venerate Oblineth by putting out living sacrifices and letting them freeze to death; other priests serve her peacefully in life and, when they have grown old, go out and give themselves to the winter in order to let their lives be ended in silence and stillness.

Known Disciples: N/A

Offspring & Servants

Oblineth has no offspring, since she is unable to touch any other creature without harming them. She occasionally uses snowy owls as messengers, but she rarely has need of them, since she has so little involvement in the affairs of the rest of the Pantheon.


Aura: Cold blue light that freezes anything that comes near her.

Holy Symbol: The Shadowed Globe: A circle that is white on the left side and black on the right.

Symbolic Creature: Snowy owl.

d20 Notes

Lesser Deity
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Cold, Portal, Void1
Weapon of the Deity: Frost Longsword

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