Full Name: Adòn Naharél Sahnat’Haudörn
Common Name:Adòn Naharél (Oberon)
Race: Cursed Kelmar (Snow Tiger - Amur Tiger)
Born: July 9th, 637
Age: 70 Years, 5 Months
Height (Morphic): 7' 4"
Length (Animal): 12' 6"
Weight (Morphic): 337 lbs
Weight (Animal): 804 lbs
Spirit Guide: A Snow Tiger
First Appearance: Enter the Tiger
Creator: Oberon Snowcat
Kelmar Noble Rank: Clanlord of the Sundering Stone
Kelmar Warrior Rank: Bladelord of the Bronze*


Oberon is a Kelmar who are remotely related to humans. The Kelmar generally live for longer than most humans. In that respect they are similar to the Dúnedain in the Lord of the Rings. Their Average lifespan is anywhere from 250 years to 500 years depending on the person and how well they take care of themselves.

The Warrior Caste is the highest caste in the society and the only one that is organized into clans. Warriors are trained from early age (5 Years Old) in the use of all weapons that the Kelmar know of. When they come of age when at 15 Years old they go on a quest to receive a Soul Guide who will guide them in their spiritual actions for the rest of their lives. These guides take the form of an Animal, always a predator of some kind.

Oberons's clan, the Sundering Stone Clan, was wiped out and since then he has wandered the Midlands as a mercenary for the past thirty years. While protecting a caravan he was wounded and left at the Keep to heal. Where he is forced to stay in once place for the first time in thirty years. He has to learn to adapt and fit into life in the Keep.

Family & Friends

Oberon's clan is extinct and as such so is his family. He was the son of the Clanlord of the Sundering Stone Clan Jarak Naharél Sahnat’Haudörn. His father was killed by an assassin thirty two years ago in the Clan's stronghold.

Currently Oberon doesn't consider anyone to be his friend as he views friends as a danger to his own mental well being. In the past thirty years he has lost too many friends and as a result has become hardened to the risks of his profession.

After six months in the Keep he's made more then a few friends including his Liege Commander, Misha Brightleaf. He has also gained a adopted son in the form of Garen Naharel, formally Sir Guy DeHarancourt.
Most importantly he has also gained a romantic interest in the form of the Snow Leopardess Mage Kristinai Belancourt.


He is an intensely private man who prefers to keep to himself, part of the reason is because his form is that of a feline, by nature his species tends not to be social. As a warrior he is very driven and his personal code of honour is something that he is very touchy about. For instance he is almost never without a weapon of some kind, usually a sword of some type.

He keeps his emotions under a firm leash because of the risks that they can pose to others. If he gets too angry he will fall under the sway of the Kelmar Blood Rage, a form of berserk that is extremely dangerous. As such he can be described by others as cold and emotionless even though he as emotional as any other man in the world.

Note: Bladelords are a special Kelmar Rank to describe one who is skilled in both the use and creation of Kelmar weapons. In Oberon's case he is a Blademaster of the Bronze, (1st Level Master Weapon smith) and a Swordmaster of the Black, (4th Level Master Swordsman).
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