"Nut" Buster Swinson

Name: Buster Swinson, AKA: Nut Buster
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Species: Cursed Human (Red Squirrel-Morph)
Creator: Ryx

Son of Marshall Swinson, a gem-cutter with a shop in Euper, Buster employs himself ranging the mountain valleys and passes around Metamor looking for gems. His family name, Swinson, means 'Swineherder's Son', which is a safer name to keep than 'Gem Cutter's Son' when it comes to business.
Marhsall does not create a great deal of jewelry anymore, making a handsome living merely selling cut & uncut stones amassed by his sharp-eyed son's exploration to the various merchants that do trade with Metamor.

Buster weighs about 65 lbs, stands approximately 3' tall, with a 3' tail and is more Squirrel than human in physique.
He has a pet crow, Crawp, to keep an alert eye out for danger while Buster scrounges for rough gems in the mountains.

The Swinson family (of Euper) consists of Juren & Marshall Swinson (who were both in the same location during the War of Three Gates, and thus recieved the same curse: Transgender), their eldest son Buster, 16 y/o Heather (AR), 13 y/o Thomas, 11 y/o Gregor, and 7 y/o Taisa. All those above the age of 10 are apprentice gemcutters, while Thomas seeks to follow in his elder brother's footsteps.

Buster is not a member of any Metamor active army, serving his annual time in the Patrol as customary. He does, however, know quite a bit about almost every pass, valley, cliff, and river within 10 days of Metamor. Being a squirrel he can cover more ground than a man on horseback in similar terrain.

His appellation came about due to his diet of hard-shelled nuts. Getting at the pulp requires that he crack them between his teeth… very loudly.

Favorite quote:
"I'm a squirrel, I'm supposed to be annoying!"

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