Full name Nestorius Sentilus
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (lion)
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 325lbs
Education: Known to have graduated from the Arenul Ceen . It is unknown if he still maintains any ties to that institution.
Creator: Christian O'Kane
First appearance: Plain and Simple
Rank and position: Commander of hareford. He still holds several titles (mostly honorary or inactive) in Sathmore but none has any real powers or land.
Appearance: A Very well dressed African lion morph whose most striking feature is he is colored jet black in both fur and skin. Nestorius gained his unusual coloring when helping to retake Outpost in CR 700 in a duel with a mage.
Description: A mage of considerable power. Born into a high noble family in Sathmore and still dresses and act that way. But a pleasant person who has adapted well to living in Metamor. He has settled in well to being the leader at Hareford and has since proven to be a fine and well loved ruler. Devoted and loyal to Metamor Keep.

He came from the Sathmore Kingdoms a few months after the curse took hold. He was a member of a group of mages called Twilis Olboskol. He was sent to the Keep partly to study the curse and partly to study the unusual magic of the keep itself but mostly to get rid of him. As Nestorius himself put it: “Let’s just say that coming here was a great improvement to my life span. I’ll live longer here.” He quit the group soon afterward when they refused to help in any way in the retaking of hareford.

History: He little discusses his past but it is clear that he is no home bound mage. He adventured extensively in the years before coming to Metamor and still enjoys exploring. Recently the Haunted forest has caught his attention and has started exploring it with the help of stealth and Edmund Delacot

Amelia - wife - A fighter, archer and low level mage. In AD&D RPG terms she is an Arcane Archer.
Samantha - Daughter (youngest child)

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