Full Name: Nemgas
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias
Affiliation: Magyars

Nemgas is unique in all the world. Until Kashin climbed Cenziga, Nemgas was just a personality bubbling in the back of Kashin's head. But upon Cenziga, Nemgas was brought into the flesh just as Kashin was killed. Nemgas remembers being born amongst the Magyars, growing up with them, and growing into adulthood. All of his memories actually happened, and the other Magyars remember them too. Yet, without Kashin's act, none of it would be. Nemgas struggles with this fact, even as he struggles to save the boy Pelurji, the one whom he feels is his son. To do this, he seeks to destroy the same evil that Kashin sought to destroy. He now journeys to Yesulam to where the evil lies.

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