Name: Nelis
Species: Brown, Jumping Spider
Gender: Male
Creator: Christian Okane
First Appearance:* Visiting Ancil
Appearance: He had a humanoid body that was short but well built. What was truly odd was that he walked on four legs like a centaur and he had a human like torso but this Keeper also had four arms to match the 4 legs, And where on a centaur there would be a tail there is a huge abdomen covered with specially made leather armor. His whole forehead is covered with eyes that look like domes or goggles and that was above a flat face with two large fangs protruding from it. His whole body was covered with a bristly brownish-tan fur. Nelis had been given the animal portion of the curse but one rarely seen - he had changed into a jumping spider.

Already a skilled scout he is training to become a Long Scout.

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