Full Name: Nasoj
Race: Human
Creator: Christian O'Kane

Nasoj and his minions of Lutins have for years been trying to destroy Metamor Keep. It is one of the few things left standing between him and the Midlands. In the Battle of Three Gates, his forces were thrown back, but not after he managed to cast a powerful spell with supernatural aid. The spell bifurcated into three forms. The first turned the recipient into an animal; the second switched the person's gender, and made that person a sex slave to anybody of the opposite sex; the third turned the victim into a toddler, of no more than three. However, counter spells have helped people return to at least some semblance of humanity. The residual effect of the place is known as Nasoj's Curse. Nasoj's present location is undetermined, as are his exact plans. During Yuletide 706 CR, Nasoj struck at Metamor again, but was once more thrown back in what is now being called Winter Assault.

Note: If you would like to use this character, it is necessary that you run your plans by Christian Okane first.

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