Full Name: Nahum
Race: Cursed Human (Fox)
Creator: Charles Matthias
Affiliation: Writer's Guild

Nahum is a native to Metamor Keep. Shortly after the Writer's Guild was founded by Charles Matthias in 700 CR, Nahum joined and has made a bit of a name for himself. He quickly became fast friends with Tallis, and later also with Habakkuk. So much so that by 706 CR, the three of them were almost always seen together eating and drinking at the Deaf Mule or in many of the other establishments in the town.

Nahum is also a bit of a hothead, and frequently gets into scuffles with other Keepers over small matters. Rarely a week passes without some new bruise or cut for the fox to show off. That said, he has never particularly cared for serving on the patrols, and always complains when his yearly service to the Duke comes due. However, when Nasoj's army invaded again during Winter Assault, he fought tenaciously.

Nahum has never sought female companionship, and it has been suggested that he prefers men. Nahum denies this, but rumours still persist.

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