Musashinari Ryuo

Full name: Musashinari Ryuo, Inari-kitsune
Gender: Male
Species: Kitsune
Creator: Tatsushu
First Appearance: Rurouni Ryuo
Appearance: Usually appears as a humanoid fox, just a little over 4' in height. His fur tends more towards a creamy orange-brown than a bright orange-red, and he is remarkable in that he has two tails!



Musashinari Ryuo was born in the Inari village of Yamachou, hidden in the mountains of what the humans call the Kanofu Province. In the 4th year of the reign of Kotembu, Yamachou was destroyed in a mysterious and tremendous release of mystical energy, destroying the village and its precious shrine. As far as he knows, Ryuo is the only survivor.

Ryuo is currently living at the Keep as a final effort to reverse the curse that he had been afflicted with during the destruction of his village. The Keep seems to have reversed the curse, though many figure that it is the other way around; some characters surely have their suspicions, however. Still, Ryuo fears the persecution his kind often experience in Yamato and so is very wary of exposing his secret. As the months drag on, though, this has proved straining on his relationships as he cannot find it in himself to open fully to the degree he would like.

Ryuo is usually dressed in the layered costume of his homeland, which includes a white under-jacket, a colored, tight-sleeved over jacket, a pair of loose hakama (in which he is able to effectively conceal his two tails), and an over suikan, with wide-sleeves, usually reserved for more formal occasions. His armor is also eastern: a style of domaru—lacquered leather scales held together with elaborate silk braid. As he stays at the Keep, however, he is likely to begin adopting the dress of the locals, mixing and matching in ways that are likely to seem highly inappropriate to anyone with fashion sense.

Ryuo fights with spear, sword, and bow. He would be considered by some in the west to be a master of both bow and sword, although he himself believes he has a long way to go. He has no wish to prove himself; however, he would accept a challenge were it offered. His bujutsu also incorporates grappling techniques similar to modern jujutsu and aikijutsu.

He person of deep honor and tradition and a powerful samurai. He has now dedicated himself to protecting his new home and clan: Metamor Keep.

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