Full Name: Murikeer Khunnas
Birth Name: Findahl, son of Justin Windseeker
Race: Cursed Human (Skunk)
Creator: Ryx

Murikeer's manifestation of the curse turned him into an animorphed skunk. His markings are typical of the specie; primary black with white stripes along his back, front, and rather lush tail. Unlike most skunks, however, his legs are digitigrade rather than plantigrade. Overall he stands about 4'9", making him slightly shorter than the average keeper.

He was a child when the Curses were laid, and his father was far to the north harassing Nasoj's supplies so was not cursed. Upon learning of the Curses Justin spirited his son away to the safety of the south, but fell a year later to a bandit's arrow while on patrol. The other members of his patrol buried him knowing little of his faith. The young Findahl was fostered to one of Justin's childhood friends; the mage Heiorn.
Heiorn taught him magic until the curse began to show itself, forcing Murikeer to flee the persecution of the locals and his own pupil.

Only a journeyman at the time, Murikeer fled toward the north hounded by hunters set upon his trail by another guild opposed to Heiorn's small school. His own pupil, Thorne, also sought to kill him for other reasons.

Chased over the mountains some distance to the east of Metamor, Murikeer found himself lost in the highlands of the southern Giant Downs. With a few books gifted to him by Heiorn he holed up in a cavern for the better part of two years. During that time he and a Lutin shaman apprentice came to become friends.

Following the impetus of a dream Murikeer left his cavern and made his way further into the unforgiving north, skirting the Murk forest where he found a mink named Llyn. She traveled north with him and aided him in destroying an attack force making its way toward Metamor valley.

Llyn then brought him to Metamor, where he made swift enemies of the most powerful mage in the Keep, Rickkter and, a day later, became that mage's pupil. Under the Adept's tutelage Murikeer was elevated to the rank of Master mage in November, 706.

During the Winter Assault of 706 Murikeer's pupil once more appeared, working with Nasoj's attacking force, and slew Llyn in an attempt to kill Murikeer. Blind with rage Murikeer hunted him throughout the keep during the Assault, finally cornering and killing him but loosing his left eye to Thorne's cursed dagger. That injury proved beyond any magic to heal so he must suffer it for the remainder of his life.

In spring of 707, prompted by unsettling dreams, he set off into the south in search of his father's burial place. Learning of his travels the musician Malger asked to come along and Murikeer grudgingly agreed. Not long after leaving Metamor they came across another traveler, Vinsah, the once-bishop turned raccoon. Together the three companions traveled southward.

As a mage Murikeer is frighteningly strong, but he lacks the flexibility of other mages. His single greatest magical strength is his ability to create very believable illusions and enchantments. He lacks the mastery of combat magic, relying instead on the application of raw magical strength to get his point across.
With the injury to his eye, however, much of his strength is curbed by the pain it causes him to use. The stronger the magic, the greater the pain. Pushed to extremes it can even cause him to pass out.

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