Full name: Mitok ("Mighty Oak" in native pictogram)
Race: Dragonette
Occupation: Lighthouse keeper
Residence: Dragonette Isles, Metamor Keep
Creator: Oren the Otter
First appearance: Visits from Home

A gray-green dragonette from the Dragonette Isles. He is best known for being the father of Gornul. During a storm in the spring of 706 CR, Gornul was lost in a storm at sea. Mitok asked a local mage to help him track his son. The trail led to Metamor Keep, where Mitok assumed his son had been killed. Thankfully, his son was alive and well, but resisted his father's demand to return home, choosing instead to remain at Metamor Keep.1

Since then, Mitok now frequently lives at both Metamor Keep, and the Dragonette Isles. When Gornul was arrested for treason, Mitok flew back to the Dragonette Isles to gather the rest of their family.2

He and the other dragonettes maintain Oren's lighthouse.

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