Misha Brightleaf

Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (red fox)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 150lbs
Creator: Christian O'Kane
Date of birth: 4/8/673

Appearance: A red fox. He has a fresh scar on the left side of his face running from his muzzle up to his ear, just missing his eye. Misha is missing his left ear and several fingers from his right hand, both lost in combat.


Misha adjusted to the change very quickly and likes his present body. His major problem started about 6 months after the Battle of Three Gates, when he left the keep to visit his family. He came back 2 months later, battered, angry and depressed. As to what happened, he hasn't told anyone. There are only two clues: he could not change to his animal form, and he has a long scar on the inside of his left arm that runs from his wrist to his elbow. The scar is from a knife; that much is obvious.

Misha stayed at the keep long enough to pick up supplies and disappeared north. He didn't come back for 6 months. Misha has had no contact with most of his family since then, though he does communicate with his sister Elizabeth, a talented mage living in Marigund.


Misha has problems dealing with normal humans, especially those who show hate or disgust at his present appearence. He has as little as possible to do with any normal humans who visit the Keep. He won't attack a person on site; his method of handling people is to ignore them, unless provoked. He will fight if provoked, but for the moment most such fights are limited to kicks and punches. Calling him Freak within his hearing is enough to start such a fight. When a caravan arrives at the Keep, Misha makes a point to not be there, to avoid the insults and muttered comments. He has mellowed a lot since becoming involved with Caroline, much to everyone's relief.

He is famous for his temper tantrums when angry. When really mad he screams, curses, throws things around and smashes anything within reach.

Misha has become very good at killing lutins, whom he blames (along with Nasoj) for his problems, and there are few people who know more about them than him. In the early years after the battle he would often disappear into lutin territory for months, ambushing and harrassing them. His effectiveness at these tactics led directly to Thomas's creation of the Long Scouts, and Misha has been their unquestioned leader ever since.

Towards fellow Keepers Misha is more friendly, and has shown a very broad sense of humor. He is very interested is history, especially the history of the Keep itself. His fascination with the automaton magic of the long-extinct Amber Order led him to find and reactivate Madog, who seems to have adopted Misha as his master.

Friends & Allies

Misha is close to all of the Long Scouts, any of whom would lay down their lives for him if need be. The love of his life is Caroline Hardy, with whom he has had an intimate relationship since at least 706. Misha recently proposed to Caroline who happily accepted. As of yet they haven't set a date for the wedding.

Misha is also friends with Rickkter, though the battle-mage occasionally infuriates him with his unpredictable behavior. As noted above, the fox-automaton called Madog is fiercely loyal to Misha and would fight to his own destruction to protect him.


Misha's close family lives in Marigund and although estranged for a long time he is again communicating with them.

Reuben Brightleaf - Father
Muriel Brightleaf - Mother - a mage

Brian Brightleaf - Older brother - unmarried. Very powerful mage.

George Brightleaf - Younger brother
Rowenna Brightleaf - Wife of George
Amanda Brightleaf - Daughter of George and Rowenna - teenager and mage - specializing in animals.
Mirna Brightleaf - teenager daughter of George and Rowenna

Elizabeth Lumas/Brightleaf - Sister See elizabeth
Verner Lumas -Husband of Elizabeth -retired from City watch
Heather Lumas - Daughter of Verner & Elizabeth - engaged.
Brianna Lumas - Daughter of Verner & Elizabeth - unmarried

Ayden Brightleaf - Son of Rowenna and George. Newly married. A merchant in the family wool business.
Edith Brightleaf - Wife of Ayden. Not a mage but a skilled merchant

General Notes

Family name - the current family name is Brightleaf. Originally it was Baraslough (Which means Brightleaf in Lambemma - also called the old tongue) but it has gone out of use centuries ago. It is now only used in the rites of naming.

Misha's favorite weapon is Whisper, an ancient battleaxe that is extremely magical and semi-sentient. He is also proficient with the shortsword and the compound longbow, and makes use of both of these weapons in situations where Whisper would be impractical.

Misha has one habit that spooks many Keepers: He collects lutin ears. Every time he kills a lutin, he cuts off the left ear and adds it to his collection, which he has kept at various times either on a metal loop on his belt or on a necklace that he wears into battle. This habit predates the Battle of Three Gates, and he claims to have picked it up from the mercenaries that trained him. He does have the tact to leave it in his room when he is in the Keep.

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