This is a page for characters who have only appeared or been mentioned in a single story. Characters are listed in order by name, race, occupation, and appearance.

  • Alec / Alexys: A young page at Metamor Keep, 15 years old as of March 706 CR, and a pupil of Christopher's. He had not yet experienced his change before Christopher began his journey to Ellcaran. By the time he returns, Alexys has become a female gendermorph. She is skilled in the healing arts and in archery, though less so in the arcane arts. Chris offers to send her to the University of Elvquellin as a student. Appearance: Homecoming.

  • Aubran: The father of Eduard of Ellcaran. Mention: Homecoming.

  • Carl: A wolf, presumably an animorph, who scares a would-be assassin up a tree while in feral form. Appearance: Heart-is-True.

  • Corin: A guard of Ellcaran. He believes that Metamorian morphs will destroy the city. He leads a mob to lynch Christopher, who escapes before they can find him. Appearance: Homecoming.

  • Jared: A guard of Ellcaran, one of the older guards. He has visited Metamor Keep after the Curse and before 706 CR, and was horrified by the morphs. Appearance: Homecoming.

  • Jester's father: A small redhaired man with a "gentle disposition". He was a business partner and good friend of Chris's father Eduard. During Eduard's illness, he visited twice every tenday with herbs and poultices. He gives the eulogy for Eduard's funeral, and inherits the contents of Eduard's laboratory, as well as his journals and notes. Appearance: Homecoming.

  • Mil: A gray-furred flying squirrel morph, who goes by "sie" and "hir". Sie keeps to hirself in a cave, unknown to the rest of the Keep. Sie has yellow horns and eyes, and has some artistic talent. Appearance: Alchemy.

  • Nathan, human guard: A guard of Ellcaran, and an acquaintance of Jester. Unlike the other guards, he does not distrust Metamorians. He rushes to warn Chris that the other guards are planning to attack. Jester enchants him briefly with speed to retrieve Chris's bag. Appearance: Homecoming.

  • Nathan, human mage: An apprentice mage. On a visit to Metamor Keep, he is ambushed by Lutins, but cannot remember his magic. He is saved by Misha Brightleaf. Appearance: Welcoming Committee.

  • Nyssa: A healer, and a former pupil of Christopher's late mother. She became Chris's father's caretaker in his final days. She inherits his house and 1000 gold crowns. She is blond with blue eyes and high cheekbones. At the time they meet, she wears a white robe with a high collar and a silver necklace with a diamond pendant. Chris compares her to a sculpture of ice. Appearance: Homecoming.

  • Sally: A female gendermorph. She works as a waitress in the Deaf Mule. Appearance: Duke of Metamor?
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