Removed from her far distant home in Os'Var'Khai where she was a member of a servant caste, the Bin Lom, she was sold to a man named Sideshow by a slaver.
Sideshow, who went by many names depending on where he traveled, transported her among many other slaves to the limits of Metamor's curse, hiding them away in a seldom traveled forest to suffer the curse. Those that became something desirable, and manageable, were kept and all others slain out of hand.

She became a red fox.

Misanthe was given a new name, Sheyiin, and made Sideshow's body servant for some years. He trained her how to be a spy, a thief, and to speak while taking on the form of a normal fox. That kept her from being sold to the various rich aristocrats and nobles who Sideshow plied with his unwilling wares.

Upon the death of Sideshow at the hands of Malger Sutt she attached herself to him; as the conqueror of her current master the minstrel, by default, became her new master by the traditions of her homeland. Malger was ill disposed at having a servant attach herself to him but, in time, became resigned to his new role.

During the time after his cold blooded slaughter of Sideshow and his worthies Malger suffered a separation from the Dream Realms and his goddess, Nocturna. He also lost control of the memories he had taken from others, spinning into a pit of nightmarish dreams from which he could not escape. Nocturna, sensing his inability to reach the Dream Realms by his suffering, gave Misanthe the task of guiding him back. Once Malger regained his sanity, and returned to Nocturna's side, the goddess of dreams gifted Misanthe with the same ability to walk the Dream Realms that Malger enjoyed.

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