Full name: Michael
Race: Beaver morph
Birth year: 688 CR
Birth place: Midlands
Occupation: Timberman, former farmer
Residence: Metamor Keep
Religion: Unaffiliated

Creator: Copernicus
Controller: Charles Matthias
First Appearance: Metamor Keep

Michael was once a farm boy from Bermicia. When he was 17 his family was wiped out in a plague. In grief, he left and became a caravan guard, but his career was cut short after his first assignment to Metamor Keep was attacked by Lutins. He received a grievous head injury in the battle; his only chance of survival was to stay for healing in Metamor Keep. He awoke a week later, already under the effects of a curse, and Copernicus introduced him to the rest of the Keep.[1]

He changed slowly over the next weeks, with the only changes being a growing patch of fur along his back. His changes finally accelerated during the Vernal Equinox of 706 CR to his considerable embarrassment, leaving him as a beaver morph. At the suggestion of Zhypar Habakkuk, he chooses to join the timber crew[4]. A few days later, Pascal changed his fur color to a black and red plaid color[6], inspiring his timber crewmembers to adopt plaid shirts as their uniform in a show of support.[7]


Although he used to be a mundane-colored beaver morph, his fur is now a red and black plaid pattern, with cream-colored skin exposed on his paws. He has became stout and muscular after working on the timber crews for a couple years.

Personality and Skills

Michael is often overwhelmed by the strangeness of Metamor Keep, but has gotten more used to it over time. He has some cooking skill from his years at the farm[3].

Friends and Allies

  • Pascal: His first impression was spoiled when an accident temporarily turned him into a latex version of herself[2]. After becoming a beaver, however, he softens up and takes an interest in Pascal. Although he finds her sensitive and charming and the closest there is to a beaver in the Keep, he is still put off by her love of exotic colors and materials. Their friendship is haltered temporarily after she turns him plaid, but it has been renewed again.
  • Lindsey, Lance: Fellow members of the timber crew. Lindsey is his first and best friend on the crew, and he is often seen sharing a drink with him at the Deaf Mule.
  • Charles Matthias: One of Michael's earliest acquaintances. As someone whom he knew before becoming a beaver, and before turning plaid, Michael looked up to Charles for advice on coping with the change[5].
  • Zhypar: A mutual friend with Charles and Lindsey. Michael empathizes with him over their mutually bulky tails.
  • Nahum, Tallis: Mutual friends with Zhypar. The three of them and Michael often hang out together, although Michael is not as close to these two as Zhypar.
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