Marquis du Tournemire

Full Name: Marquis Camille du Tournemire
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias

The Marquis Camille du Tournemire owns the land of Marzac, and coordinates the efforts of Zagrosek, Jothay, Agathe, and Yonson. He carries himself with a dignified air, dressing primarily in soft blues. He enjoys the game of politics for its own sake. His most prized possession is a mahogany case with a deck of cards that he himself designed. On each card is the face of somebody who he intends to use to further his plans. The deck is only slightly different from the decks we know. The suit of Diamonds is replaced by Coins, and Spades by Swords. Further, the Jack is replaced by two cards, the Knight and the Priest, with the Priest being of higher value than the Knight. With these cards, he can inflict pain on the person printed on the card, and further, take control of their minds. His ultimate goals are unknown, but they involve the three artifacts of Yajakali.

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