Malisa Hassan

Gender: Female
Race: Cursed Human (Androgyne)
Creator: M. S. Reeve-Powell
Job: Prime Minister

Semi-adopted daughter of Thomas. Orphaned in a lutin attack but too young then to really remember much of it. Grew to adulthood under the tutelage of Thomas; became a powerful wizard and fought in the Battle of Three Gates. Transformed from Matthew to Malisa. Nickname is Mal. Now acts in Thomas's stead when he is busy. Was appointed the new Prime Minister shortly after Posti's death.

Appearance wise, Malisa started her cursed life out as being brown haired and small breasted, but stress and discomfort at her transformation had caused the curse to effect her body further and gain long black hair with large breasts. Working with her lover Jenn she is trying to reverse this. She would much rather have as much a masculine appearance as is possible.

Becoming a woman has remained one of her life's greatest regrets and something that brings her great sadness. In attempt to feel joy once more she saw Pascal Q. Porcupine who suggested she rekindle her old love with Jenn. In order to do so she took a vow of chastity as to make it more socially acceptable for the two to be together. Malisa has a network of friends who support her included Jon Sleeper and Xhyz one that started building in 208 CR the same year she formed a military group under the leadership of Cedric Bariclauph and began to study the shapeshifter known as Hawl who had succeded in temporarily turning her into a mare without using the curse or anything outside of his own natural abilities. Malisa had to do this secretly as Duke Thomas felt that the flesinoir and Hawl were both not worth his time when Calephas and unrest in his own Keep were too distracting. It was also felt that a military group that extended protection to the Southlands would be a wasted gesture.


Malisa is highly educated and a former military leader who fought during Three Gates.
Being both a talented mage and a swordswoman she makes an effective battle mage.

Some of her spells have included


In Study Of Women she casually and near effortlessly flings a fireball to burn a dress while mourning the loss of her manhood. The fact that she can do this without thinking shows the great control she has over her magic.

Bone Manipulation-

Used on Hawl Enroygall out of rage, under the belief that Hawl was Nasoj this was used to cause Hawl a great deal of pain. It also crushed and mangle his skeleton. This technique can only be used as an extreme torture method and Hawl is one of the very few she's used it on (Most it was used on were enemies during a major battle). Hawl is the only person to survive this, and the only reason he did was his shapeshifting abilities allowed him to mend his skeleton back to normal. Hawl tried to further attack Malisa after this, but failed.

She is also the wielder of the mace known as Ruin (Future story)

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