Malger Sutt

Known prior to the Winter Assault as Dream Serpent.

Malger is the youngest son of a powerful mercantile family which used its resources to expand during some two decades of his father's rule. From 672 to 693 the elder Sutt and his closest sons, based out of the coastal city of Sutthivasse, expanded their holdings westward across the kingdom of Pyralia, south of Sathmore and north of Marzac.
The holdings took in a lot of lesser baronies and duchies, extending from the coast as far inland as the mercenary holdout of the White Tower.
In 692 several disaffected nobles went to the most prominent assassin's guild and paid a contract for the blood of the entire Sutt family. This guild makes good on the contract, slaughtering the entire Sutt line wherever they were in Pyralia.
Malger, sent away by his father because he had little to no interest in the warlike habits of his elder brothers, escaped the immediate culling due to his being in Silvassa at the time, where he had spent the better part of the last decade living in sybarritic excess. He was forwarned of his impending doom and fled.
For some years he trecked all over the major kingdoms trying to throw off a particularly persistant assassin but was found time and time again, escaping always by the most narrow of margins. Finally, with no where else to flee, Malger made his way to Metamor hoping to throw of his pursuer and escape before being claimed by the curse.

He failed.

Within weeks he became a Pine Marten, and in so changing was lost to his hunter. He adopted a new name, Dream Serpent, and went into hiding for a year. He had no idea what became of his hunter, and hoped that the person had fled the curse.

Malger is a very strange individual in many respects, with a host of subtle and unique talents and learned skills.
Firstly he is a musician (not a true bard) skilled at flute, dulcimer, tambour, and song. Secondly he is a highly skilled swordsman, trained some of the best White Tower mercs available to his sire. He prefers to fight with two oriental-style single-edged blades in a reversed grasp 'Mantis' style.
He is also a Dreamwalker, capable of walking the realm of dreams (also it's analogue in the realms of the afterlife; the first hell, Nocturna's realm), watching the dreams of others and even, if motivated enough, to intrude upon them. He has a lover in that dream realm he once thought only to be a deceased soul named Mosha, but in truth his lover is Nocturna herself.
He is also a 'spirit healer'. He cannot heal wounds of the body, but he can mitigate the pain of grief or other emotional trauma (he uses this skill to ease the emotional injuries caused by rape to both Llyn and Caroline). To use his spirit healing he needs to be physically close to his subject… but to use it to its fullest extent he often seduces and has sex with them (he has no qualms about gender or species whatsoever) because during the moment of climax the spirit is most open to his touch. In that moment he captures the seed of their spiritual injury, be it guilt or sorrow or what-have-you, and bottles it away. Both retain the memory, but the emotions that the memories cause is blunted almost entirely, allowing the victim to heal emotionally.
This was how he became Nocturna's chosen mate and Avatar; he sensed such pain in the soul Mosha who taught him how to use his Dreamwalking abilities as a youth. In sharing the Dream he was able to take away her grief and guilt at loosing a child, allowing her to heal. As a result, unforeseen by either, she fell in love with him, a mere mortal. Considering Nocturna is the goddess of prophecy, omens, and foresight that relationship came as quite the shock, if a pleasant one.

After becoming wed, and at the behest of his friend and counselor, the Lightbringer/Ecclesia priest Elvmere, he curbed his sybaritic, seductive ways and uses more traditional methods; meditation and the like.

He is married to Misanthe (709cr)
He has two children.
Son - Charles "Charile" Matthias Sutt (Animorph: Rat, from birth), whom was adopted from the Matthias family when it was learned that he was a Dreamer.
Daughter - Suria hin Malger dae ross Sutt (Animorph: Maned Wolf, changed at puberty), born of Misanthe dae rhinn Sutt and Malger.

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