Real Name: Malabrinum
Race: Fox automaton
Creator: Christian O'kane
Appearance: Madog is an automaton — a mechanical creation akin to a robot. See Automata. He was crafted to resemble a giant red fox. He weighs 300 pounds and is the size of a large dog.

Madog was found as a twisted, rusted wreck and was restored by Misha, Jon, and Smithson. They believed it to be nothing more than a complex mechanism. But Madog is somehow more than that: he is free-willed being with a soul.

He has an almost childlike personality; curious, energetic, lighthearted, and friendly. Only recently has it come to light that Madog was created by the Amber Order as a guard for their fortress. With the order gone, he has transferred his loyalty to Metamor Keep. Madog is known to be over a thousand years old and his real name is Malabrinum.

Madog's exact abilities are still unknown, but he is very powerful and could easily defeat any one person at the Keep in combat. In one recent fight he defeated three Moondogs easily and ripped a powerful, evil mage to pieces — literally. Not a pleasant sight, but it saved the lives of many Keepers. He is also believed to have the ability to catch brief glimpses of the future.

Madog does not get angry easily. He is fiercely loyal to the Keep, its inhabitants and his friends, and he quickly turns into an incredibly ferocious killing machine if they are being threatened.

Madog's closest friends include Misha, Father Hough, and Kyia herself, who enjoys playing with the automaton when mortal Keepers aren't around. Madog's bond with Kyia is so strong that he is essentially able to move through the Keep at will, with passages magically opening in front of him whenever they are needed.

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