Full Name: Ma'alkeen Rauult
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed Human (Gray Fox)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135lbs
Creator: Ma'alkeen


Eyes have flecks of crimson. Tattoo of his Mark on his back, made of three crescent slashes and what looks like a running ink drop going down from the top crescent ending between the bottom of the outer crescents. His clothes consist of Nahfalt robes which are layered with black cloth wrapping leather armor to muffle sound around his arms, legs, chest and thighs. They are adorned with his Mark in a deep purple. Often they are now worn only in a formal audience. However he would often not wear clothes as he constantly shifts from feral to a more feral like bipedal form with his robes not often shifting properly.


Though he may don the guise of different types of characters, Ma'alkeen is often callous to those outside of the Nahfalt. Due to long years bound with Nod he developed a fondness of trickery and pranks which he'll sometimes indulge in. The curse he bore even before arriving to Metamor increases his lust for blood, sometimes to maddening levels, when he hasn't taken a kill within a week. However he doesn't see the bloodlust as a curse, sometimes taking sadistic joy in killing targets. Despite this, he remains fiercely loyal to the morals taught to him by his master and more so their patrons.

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