Full name: Lurene Grenier (formerly Paul Grenier)
Race: Cursed human (wolf morph, female gendermorph)
Occupation: Christopher's ward
Residence: Metamor Keep (formerly Lanton)
Creator: Kristy Davis
First appearance: Ward

Lurene is a student of magic, living at Metamor Keep and learning under Christopher's personal tutelage. In her first months at Metamor, she assisted Christopher with his wheelchair and his physical needs. She later became his lover.


Lurene was the son of Baron Etienne Grenier, the baron of Landon, who aligned himself with the Patriarch and persecuted all practitioners of magic. Lurene, then known as Paul, had a natural instinct for magic, and was whipped by his father for it, despite his attempts to hide it. Desperate for a way out, he rode north to Metamor Keep, still bearing the scars on his back, collapsing of exhaustion.

Fortunately, Christopher took him in as his own, and gave him the courage to stand up to his father's men. A week later, the same day that Etienne personally met Christopher in a duel, Paul received the gendermorph curse, changing her name to Lurene, and renouncing her association with Landon.1

For the next several months, Lurene tended to Christopher's needs, showing neither pity nor distaste for his handicap. Both of them found themselves attracted to each other. Christopher began seeking a solution to his injuries, but in time, both were able to confess their love for each other. Soon after, however, Wanderer intervened with the gods despite Christopher's objections, turning him into a bear in all but mind. Lurene was caught in the crossfire, and, in an extraordinary circumstance, received a second curse, the animal curse into a blond-haired wolf.2

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