Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2"
Occupation: Crown Prince of Quenardya
Creator: Raven Blackmane

Luinthol (LŪ-ín-þól) is the crown prince of Quenardya, the kingdom of the Elves. He is the grandfather of Tessariel, the young half-Elf who pledged herself as an initiate of the Metamor Lothanasi. Luinthol could not marry Tessa's grandmother, who is a human with only 25% Elven ancestry, but he purchased her as his concubine and has treated her with the same love and affection that he would have given a "true" wife. So great is his love for her that Luinthol has refused to marry an Elven woman until she dies — a decision that has caused some friction with other members of the royal court.

Luinthol has one daughter — Tessa's mother — and no sons. He has five granddaughters, all half-Elves, of whom Tessa is the youngest. All five of them are considered bondservants of the royal court.

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