Lorian Moeb

Name: Lorian Moeb
Race: Human (Uncursed)
Born: 653 CR
Died: June 7th, 703 CR
First Appearance: Prepared for Sacrifice
Created by: Radioactive Toast


Lorian Moeb was, in the public eye, a fresco painter of great renown, regarded as one of the most famous in Galendor and Sonngefilde during his lifetime. Unbeknownst to the common man, but much more known to those in power, he was an equally skilled information broker and private investigator.

In this respect Lorian Moeb was regarded as rather unorthodox; he had a penchant for not sitting around and waiting for clients and/or information to come to him, but the other way around. Using his skills and renown as a fresco painter, he traveled to hotspots, and frequently sought out his own sources. Various methods were employed, but his favorite was doing people favors, which frequently allowed him to build up a base of information sources and gave him a reputation.


Lorian possessed a great deal of discernment, a large supply of patience, and a keen sense of when to press forward with a topic. This allowed him to masterfully charm or negotiate his way through encounters. He also developed a strong reputation for neutrality, key for any good information broker. Never much a fighter, he prefered to work through people, though when required he knew his way with lock picks.

His front as a fresco painter was also not simply a thin facade. His work was renowned for the stunning images he was able to bring out in his frescoes, which earned him a great deal of publicity (and subsequently openings for future work). All this was done despite the fact that he had only one hand.


Lorian never wed and ,to anyone else's knowledge, had no family to speak of. He possessed a preference for male companionship and intimacy, but was very low key about it and didn't seem to require it to keep himself sated. It is known that through his career he had a small number of apprentices, the last of which was Zynaid Amadias (though Zynaid never allowed him to grow close intimately), whom he picked up on the streets of Korazin in 695.


Much of Lorian's early history is unknown; he never divulged information on where he was from if he had family. Also unknown is how he lost his left hand. During his lifetime he had hinted that it was a physically painful loss, but the details of which were never divulged.

At least three men called themselves his apprentices, with Zynaid being his last, all the way up until Lorian's death in 703 CR on a remote island south of the Sea of Yajiit in circumstances not entirely understood even by the survivors: Zynaid, and Parnsus Scolastin.

Stranded on an island, Lorian, Zynaid, fellow passenger Parnsus and the sailors Grumiah, Lum, and Pols caught up with the dragon Xayk who had apparently angered the diety Dvalin enough to be stranded on said island (any attempt to leave was met with fierce tempests, one of which was responsible for shipwrecking Lorian and the others). As part of a plan to earn Wvelkim 's favor to plead with Dvalin to allow Xayk to leave (and thus enable the survivors to fly out on him), the group of stranded sailors and castaways delved into the caves beneath the island to destroy an evil crystal used in blood sacrifice rituals by a strange alliance of daedra-worshipping Maeril and lycanthrope wereorcas. The crystal was successfully destroyed, but Lorian was captured and sacrificed to it before this was accomplished. Why these two groups that normally hate each other were cooperating is a mystery, as is the nature of their rituals and of the crystal itself. Moreover, the question of just how much Xayk knew and what his involvement was remains unknown.

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