Name: Llyn 'Joy' Wanderer
Species: Cursed Human (Mink)
Gender: Female
Creator: Ryx


Once a farmer, Joy "Llyn" Wanderer was called up during the last, pitched battle of the Gates, ending up within the influence of his spells. Once a scarred, overmuscled and homely human, she embraced her change, and found that she preferred the sword to the plowshare, and entered the ranks of Metamor's soldiery as soon as order was restored following Nasoj's defeat. As a mink she lost the scars she had gained duing a childhood illness, as well as her poor physical appearance, gaining the exotic, nimble form of an animal. Serving with the main host of Metamor's soldiery for several years after the battle, she switched over to the Long Scouts two years past when it was apparent they were short of manpower.

She was also a keen tracker, and comfortable with the wildlands around her. In her off time she was a collector of rare minerals, and an ameteur geologist.

Llyn was killed during Winter Assault under circumstances that were never fully explained. She was buried by the Longs with full honors and her tomb is eternally covered with fresh flowers.

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