Full Name: Lindsey (Lhindesaeg)
Race: Dragon (was Human Male, TG Curse)
Born: 678 CR
As Dragon: Western appearance, gray scales with vermillion edging, ridge along back, and spaded tail.
As Human: Just over 6 feet in height, with red hair and braided beard. Very Nordic in physique.
Faith: Ecclesia


Born Lhindesaeg in Arabarb, Lindsey spent almost her first twenty years in the southern, forested regions of the country with her father Alfwig, mother Elizabaeg, younger brother Andrig, and dragon friend Pharcellus. In 698 CR, a stranger who traded in rare books took ill near their home and Lhindesaeg helped nurse him back to health. This was Zhypar Habakkuk, and they fell in love during this time.

Lhindesaeg traveled to Metamor Keep to meet Zhypar when Baron Garadan Calephas's army took control of Arabarb. Cut off from home, Lhindesaeg made Metamor her adopted home and was present for the Battle of Three Gates. She was struck by the TG Curse and became a man.

Now calling himself Lindsey, he joined the Timber crews where his skills with an axe proved very useful. There he remained, and though his patrol stints earned him a reputation as a capable warrior as well, he steadfastly refused to leave the timber crews except when called to duty.

Lindsey maintained contact with his family through letters ferried by Pharcellus during those years. Also, he and Habakkuk remained very close friends even after his one-time lover became a kangaroo.

Beginning in early 707 CR, Lindsey began organizing supplies for a long journey at Habakkuk's direction. This journey began on the Summer Solstice of that year. Lindsey and many others journeyed across much of Galendor before reaching the Chateau Marzac where they braced the evil of Yajakali and defeated it. But, Lindsey was turned into a female kangaroo by the powers of the Marquis du Tournemire and conceived a child with Zhypar. This child proved to be a corrupted thing and she was forced to kill it while journeying back to Metamor. Once done, she reverted to a human male.

In March of 708 CR, Lindsey left with Pharcellus on a journey to Arabarb. He was transformed by Jessica into a child of ten years of age to allow him to get close to Baron Garadan Calephas and kill him. Their plan did not go as intended, though in the end, Calephas was killed and Arabarb freed. In the process, Alfwig revealed the true story of Lindsey's birth and how his real mother was a dragon and that Pharcellus was his half-brother. After imbibing one of Calephas's potions, Lindsey was transformed into a true dragon.

As of April 708 CR, Lindsey the dragon is being taught how to be a dragon by his older brother. They are staying near Fjellvidden, the central city of Arabarb.

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