Name: Lidaman
Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (AR)

Lidaman is in real years close to fifty years of age. A financier, he was an adviser to Duke Thomas's father prior to the Battle of Three Gates. After, he lent Duke Thomas enough money to see them through the difficult rebuilding years. Lidaman prefers to maintain a low-profile and concerns himself mostly with the affairs of the various merchant families that live and visit Metamor.

Lidaman has vast financial resources throughout the Northern Midlands that he acquired through astute lending and deals with various noble houses and merchant families. He will never cheat anyone out of a dime, but in the past has not been above withdrawing his support form those who do not repay him.

While he is not as close friends with Duke Thomas, he was close to the Hassan family, and will always support them, even if it means financial ruin for himself. Thomas in turn does not wish to rely on him, and so Lidaman's influence is confined mostly to the Keep's merchant class.

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