Full Name: Unknown; past names/titles used include Kyia, the Lady of the Keep, and M'tammur
Species: Nexus spirit
Allegiance: Metamor Keep; mortals in general
Religion: Theist; does not speak of details, since she probably knows the Creator personally

Age: Unknown, but well over 10,000 years
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Silver-white
Height: 5'6"

Creator: Raven Blackmane

Kyia is as old as the Nexus of Metamor, which may be another way of saying that she is as old as the world itself. Created, so she says, by the All-Father himself, Kyia is the animating spirit of Metamor Keep. She has no native human form, but she can manifest herself in the form of an avatar that can see, hear, touch, and otherwise interact in the same manner as humans, though with few of their limitations.

Kyia has an automatic, passive awareness of anything that happens within the bounds of Metamor Keep, and she can extend her senses to observe things up to about half a mile from any point on the mountain ridge where the Keep sits.1 She can manifest her avatar anywhere within this range, which then allows her to see, hear, touch, taste or smell anything that a human could in that same location. She can choose whether or not to make her avatar visible to any mortals who may be present, and she can also choose whether to appear as an intangible, ghostly presence or as a being of flesh and blood.

When she appears to mortals, Kyia takes a form ranging from a young girl to a grown woman, but always with silver hair and eyes the same gray as the stones of Metamor Keep. She almost never gets angry or wildly exuberant — her emotions are steady, joyful, and compassionate. Her eyes clearly indicate that she is both powerful and far older than she seems. She loves all innocents, especially children and pets. When she does get angry, it is a steady, iron resolve of righteous indignation — always under control, but focused into a frightening, disciplined intensity.

Kyia has developed close relationships with Raven, Madog, and Elvmere, the latter of whom she seems to have singled out for some task of particular importance. She has also appeared to Murikeer, who has treated her with an almost spiritual degree of reverence since discovering who she is; Kyia, for her part, likes the skunk-man and has given him permission to draw on her nexus in order to fuel his magic, a privilege that she has extended to few others.

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