Formerly a handmaiden to the Lady of Bradanes, Kozaithy Yens became stricken by a wasting disease when an alchemical product was introduced to the water supply, afflicting all who lived there. Similar to leprosy, the magical sickness caused deformation of the body and, left unchecked, resulted in gross deformation in all and death in many. The barony was abandoned, the wells filled and cisterns pulled down. The survivors then began a trek to the far western coast where they hoped the mage healers and Lightbringers of Ellcaran could help them.

After meeting Murikeer Khunnas at a tavern she was told of Metamor Keep and the healing offered by the curse. She carried this story when she was freed of her servitude to the refugees of Bradanes.

Upon arriving with the first wave of refugees at Metamor she was taken by the curse, becoming a skunk of pure white with striking emerald green eyes. Always outspoken and confident, even in her new body, she established a way station in Midtown to receive incoming refugees and further educate them about the curse so that they could decide which course they would take. When Murikeer returned from his southern journeys she rather boldly attached herself to him, soon becoming his apprentice.

In due course they became a couple, and marry in 709cr with their first child arriving in early 710.
Adept at magic, herself, she becomes a sorceress in her own right with considerable talent at mirror touch (the ability to use mirrors as scrying devices and reach, or even walk, through them).

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