Kiska Dowan-Adoh; Gryfin

Full Name: Kiska Dowan-Adoh; Gryfin
Race: Cursed / Enchanted Human (Gryfin)
Creator: Coal_Train (IRL Michael Robert)

Kiska is a Gryfin of the northern hook of the barrier mountains; his front body is that of a Golden eagle, and his back body is of a panther. His size and weight are comparable to that of a small horse/large pony. But don't let that fool you, if he so chose he could easily carry a full sized man. He is primarily coal black in color throughout with white highlights on his feather-tips, talons, and beak. Being form locked into a Gryfin he cannot morph into any other form. He communicates telepathically, but his abilities are strictly passive. he CANNOT invade the mind of another, and in fact this ability is so weak, that many will be unable to communicate with him.

He is Mated to Quickpaw; his companion of many years. He is friendly and social as all Gryfin are so long as they are not provoked. He is a creation not of the Curse of Metamor, but of the Ethereal magic.

The first recorded Gryfin to come out of Metamor. His transformation was only possible by the combination of the Light Magic of the Ethereal with the dark Magic of the curse of Metamor, along with the bond he shares with Quickpaw. The curse cannot create or change Magic. He is therefore a creation of the Ethereal magic, not of the curse. The curse only facilitated the infusion of the Ethereal.

this mixing of the Magics has changed the curse in such a way that it may theoretically create Gryfin like creatures in the future. but without the infusion of the Ethereal Magic, they could only be Gryfin in appearance, and would not be the creatures of magic that a pure Gryfin is.

Along with his natural born Gryfin bond-mate, Quickpaw, he first appeared in Metamor Keep in the spring of 706, (Mystic Journeys; a Memoir of Kiska Gryfin) and may or may not come and go through the future of Metamor.

his name, Dowan-Adoh is derived from the ancient language of the Ethereal, and was given to him by the Ethereal itself (A New Journey Begins). and it translates literally to Black Fire.

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