Full Name: Kimberly Matthias
Race: Cursed Human (Rat)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Kimberly fled the land of Brathas, a small barony to the west along the seashore, when her parents, servants of the baron, made an arrangement to marry her to a local lord. She managed to hire some of the baron's men who were not fond of her husband-to-be to escort her as far as they could go. While riding through the mountains they were waylaid by a band of Lutins, and had to stop at Metamor Keep. Kimberly decided to stay knowing that her husband-to-be would never come for her there. Becoming a rat however had been very frightening, but with the help of Charles Matthias she has overcome her reservations. She has now fallen in love with and married him. While living at the Keep she worked as part of the general maintenance staff, cooking, cleaning, and assisting in the castle. Now that she has moved to Glen Avery, she has become a mother of five small baby rats, named Charles, Bernadette, Erick, Baerle, and Ladero.

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