Gender: Male
Race: Cursed human (Red panda)
Creator: Christian O'kane

A bachelor that many women would love to marry. He is the youngest son of a noble family. Concidered the black sheep of the family as he refused to do the usual noblemans son things.

A member of the Long Scouts. He was badly wounded during the Winter Assault. Cracked on the head by a flanged mace and almost had his skull split open.

He wound up indebted to Akkala for 5 months in return for saving his life. He tried to go the usual cleric route but only managed that for about 5 days. He went to Raven hin'Elric to talk about that and ended up with small homage duties (prayers, mass every week or so), and spends his tenure teaching her students about travel in the woods, survival, fighting.

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