Gender: Male
Race: Lutin
Creator: Ryx

Keletikt the Lutin was encountered by Murikeer Khunnas while on the equivalent of his journeyman's pilgrimage in the bitter winter of 703 CR. Murikeer was, at the time, hiding in the oarwood forests along the northern flanks of the Dragon Mountains.
To survive the winter the two chose to work together. That evolved into a loose partnership wherein each shared their magical knowledge with the other. Keletikt learned southern elemental magic, illusions, and the human language while Murikeer learned the power of the earth used by the Lutins and the Lutin language. By the time the winter had passed they had become secure friends despite their considerable differences.

Keletikt was a minor shaman of the Moon Dog clan and, after the winter had passed, returned to his clan. Over the following years, however, he made regular pilgrimages to Murikeer's hermitage to learn, and teach, more.

In August 706, for the part he played in Murikeer's destruction of Nasoj's rolling citadels as detailed in Stacking the Odds and Unstacking the Stones, Keletikt was sentanced to the most unpleasant fate that could be meted out to a traitor to the Clans; he was cast into the Maw of the World. Instead of perishing, however, he survived. He wandered the caverns under the northlands for a time until he was discovered by another Lutin also living in the caverns.

That Lutin turned out to be a member of an entire Lutin empire living secretly in the caverns beneath the Giant Downs. Tall, pale, and matriarchal the Ghost Clans [sic: Ghost Horde] had been watching him for some time. In order to survive in the underworld Keletikt had used a magic taught to him by Murikeer: Fire. The ability to manipulate elemental magic had been lost to the Lutin clans both above and below for centuries.

When the upworld Lutin showed that he could bring forth fire by magic the leaders of the Horde knew that the time for them to return to the above world had come. While they prepared Keletikt traveled with the Horde female who had first approached him. They journeyed to Nasoj's citadel in disguise and learned what they could from the libraries there. Keletikt taught the Horde what he had learned from Murikeer, both magically and linguistically.

In due time Keletikt wed the Lutin who he had traveled with through the caverns of the Ghost Horde; the daughter of a Clan Matriarch. When the Horde finally made its return to the surface world he was given the title 'High Chief' though, in truth, it was the Clan Matriarchs who ran the show.

From 710 to 713 the Horde extended its reach through the northlands, pulling the scattered tribes decimated by Nasoj's misuse into its influence. Once the Horde had solidly established its control over the majority of surface Lutin tribes it sent emissaries suing for peace to the various human political blocks in the north. Meanwhile Keletikt moved the entirety of the Ghost Horde to the Giant Dikes north of Metamor Keep in a show of force that could not be ignored. Through this impressive show he gained the attention of Duke Thomas, and summoned his old friend Murikeer Khunnas to a parlay. This results in a peace treaty between Metamor Keep and the Ghost Horde in 713 CR.

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