Full Name: Kehthaek
Race: Human
Creator: Charles Matthias

Kehthaek is one of the most highly regarded Questioners currently within the order's ranks. The most promising of his generation, he has steadily risen within the ranks of the Questioners, and was considered the logical successor to Nethelek as Grand Questioner. However, he was away on the Questioning to Metamor Keep when Nethelek died, and was thus inelligible to succeed him. Kehthaek firmly believes that the only tools that a Questioner may properly employ are his tongue, his mind, and his presence. He can do far more with these alone than can even the most vile of Questioners could do with every means of torture available. During his time at Metamor, he renewed his old acquaintance with Vinsah, as well as concluded that Metamor bore no direct involvement in Patriarch Akabaieth's murder1.

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