Full Name: Kashin
Race: Human
Died: February 707 CR1
Creator: Charles Matthias

Kashin was one of the four Yeshuel to accompany Patriarch Akabaieth on his ill-fated journey to Metamor Keep. Kashin survived Zagrosek's attack, and took the Sathmoran blade used to kill Akabaieth with him on a quest for vengeance. He was met by Andares of the Åelf who brought him to meet Qan-af-årael. Qan-af told him of the history of Jagoduun, and his duty to destroy Jagoduun's influence in Yesulam. Kashin was then captured by Magyars and made one of them. After climbing Mount Cenziga, a mysterious mountain in the Flatlands, he was slain, though a double of his, with lost arm restored to him, descended from the mountain and took the Magyar name Nemgas.

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