The Gods of Heaven (Aedra Lords)
Kammoloth (King of the Gods)
Akkala (Healing, Purity)
Samekkh (Wisdom, Light, Knowledge)
Dokorath (Honor, War, Valor)
Velena (Love, Beauty, Truth)
Artela (Nature, Mercy)
Dvalin (Weather, Agriculture, Wine)
Wvelkim (The Sea, Marine Life, Sailing)
Yajiit (Fire, The Sun)

Kammoloth (KÁ-mō-lóth or KÁ-mə-lóth) is the King of the Gods and the God of Hearth, Home, and Celebration.

Appearance & Personality

Kammoloth's appearance remains a mystery; only a few priests (all dead now) have ever reported seeing him.1 His aura, which announces his presence even when he is unseen, is a warm golden light.

Kammoloth seems to be rather benevolent, but little is known of his personality because he keeps himself so distant from the world of mortals. His romantic affairs with attractive women (whether aedra, daedra, or mortal) and his creation of the Lothanasi seem to be the deeds he is best known for.

Divine Intervention

Boons: The aid of any one of the other gods for a limited period of time; a favorable ruling in a dispute with a god.

Cost: Kammoloth is rarely invoked directly and tends to shape the cost of his aid to match the magnitude of the request (and how badly the supplicant needs or wants it).


A god of celebrations, Kammoloth draws power from feasts, libations (drink offerings), and similar proceedings, provided that they are done in a spirit of joy, kindness and brotherhood. He also exacts an energy "tax" of sorts from all the other gods.

While Kammoloth commissioned Lucien to create the Lothanasi Order, the Lightbringers are not considered Kammoloth's disciples; rather, they serve mortal-kind by acting as intermediaries between the common folk and all of the Pantheon. Kammoloth has no large movement of priests who serve him exclusively, though this has not always been the case.

Offspring & Servants

Kammoloth's most numerous offspring are the devas, the first of whom he sired with Akkala, and the kerubs, the first of whom were his by Velena. He has also sired numerous children by mortals, some of whom have later been apotheosized as Celestial Princes and Princesses. There are even rumors that he has had affairs with Suspira, Lilith and Nocturna at various points throughout history, though no one but the participants knows for sure.

Technically speaking, all of the other Aedra can be considered Kammoloth's servants, though in practice he rarely interferes in the affairs of the other gods. On the mortal plane he has eyes and ears everywhere, usually in the form of celestial hawks and crows.

SPOILER: Kammoloth has one half-mortal child who is currently active in the world, though she does not yet realize it: Merai hin'Dana, the Starchild.


Aura: Golden light.

Holy Symbol: A stylized crown.

Symbolic Creatures: Lion, golden eagle.

Holy Day: Kammo'kema, May 15th. A great feast is hosted by the Lothanasi in celebration. Ceremonies consist of prayers, petitions, and drink offerings (libations). In a normal year at Metamor, a large tent is raised on the parade grounds in Euper, at the base of Metamor Ridge, and the party is opened to everyone in the Valley. Much eating, drinking and merry-making ensues.

d20 Notes

Greater Deity
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Celestial, Community, Feast, Good
Weapon of the Deity: Shocking Warhammer

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