Full Name: Jessica
Race: Cursed Human (Hawk)
Creator: Charles Matthias

Jessica grew up at the Keep, and for many years was a student mage of Wessex's. Before the curse, she trained to be an Enchantress, but with the loss of her hands - she has wings for arms and talons for feet at her most morphic - she has focused her energies on mastering the paths of Conjuration and Divination. She helped Wessex fight off his strange nightmares, and has also fallen in love with Weyden, Captain of Yonson's guards who is also a hawk morph. She has convinced him to convert to the Lothanasi faith, a fact that pleases her greatly. She is not a Journeyman mage and continues her studies, always trying to unlock the mysteries surrounding her master's death during the Winter Solstice of 706 CR.

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